Years 5/6

I’ve been beyond excited and lucky to join Ravensthorpe DHS for 2021. Have you met my students? Then you know! Each day these kids try their hardest and learn to the best of their ability and it’s my pleasure to guide them this year. This is my 14th year in the classroom, and I have most recently been teaching in the Kimberley for the last 3 years. I have a young family who have loved getting to know this amazing community and we look forward to this being a highlight year for us.

My students know that we all make mistakes, and we aim to embrace our mistakes and learn from them. My expectation is that students focus on self-improvement and treating others with respect. We prioritise differentiation in our curriculum and strive to give every student the feeling of success as we cover old ground and new topics.

Each term we will choose a different incentive scheme. This term we have made our own wallets and students are earning pocket money to spend on in class items. We alternate between individual rewards and group-based rewards which helps keep our class focused and motivated. Negative enforcement is consistently handled through the 1-2-3 buddy room system.

I try to give students as immediate feedback as possible after collecting assessments and work samples. If you or your child would like an in-depth update on their progress academically, behaviourally or socially, please create a meeting with me after school one day. Usually takes less than 20 minutes and is the easiest way for me to convey their growth.

The best way to contact me is by emailing me at: