Years 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4

We would like to welcome students and their families to the Year 3 / 4 room. This year the students are lucky to have two dedicated teachers with both having a wealth of teaching experience in Mrs Daw and Ms Butcher. Mrs Daw works in the class on Wednesday and Thursday before recess and Ms Butcher is in the class the rest of the time.


Our Literacy periods consist of Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Reading and Writing. In Handwriting, we are focusing on the correct formation of letters and progressing from printing to cursive handwriting using the NSW font. Spelling will be conducted following the Letters and Sounds program and the Diana Rigg Sight Word list. Guided reading will be utilising the Springboards reading program. Some students will be extended by reading novels as they have reached the highest level of Springboard books.
Writing is conducted through the Talk for Writing process. Students will be taught all genres of writing throughout the year.


In Number and Algebra, the focus is on the place value, the four operations of mathematics (+ – x ÷), fractions and money. Statistics and Probability will focus on creating and interpreting data representations from a variety of sources. During Measurement and Geometry, the focus will be 2D shapes and 3D objects, continuing to read and tell the time on analogue and digital clocks and measuring using a range of different measuring equipment from rulers and jugs to thermometers.


Science is taught by Mrs Daw. She will be teaching all areas of Science throughout the year starting with Biological Science followed by Chemical, Physical and Earth and Space Sciences.


HaSS this year will be taught by Ms Butcher. This will start with a focus on Geography. Students will learn about the First Contacts between the First Nations peoples and the explorers. Following Geography, the students will study History and Civics and Citizenship.


This year the Health program is taught in class by Ms Butcher, it will look resiliency, drug education and protective behaviours. Mrs Clarke has created the program using the Challenges and Choices resources designed by SDERA (School Drug Education and Road Aware) and Protective Behaviours.

DOTT Providers

This year the students are also taught by specialist teachers. They are: Phys Ed. with David Macleay, Dance with Jo Davies, Indonesian/STEM with Jeanette Denham as well as Visual Art.

Crunch and Sip

Crunch and Sip will be eaten around 11:50 daily. Please remember that Crunch and Sip means fruit and vegetables. Please also remember NO mangoes or mango products due to allergies.


We will send homework home every week. Please send Homework folders to school daily as the students will be using them during class time. Just a reminder that students have access to Homework Hound, Mathletics and Lexia Core5 to reinforce concepts and skills taught in class.


The Connect page will be updated regularly. Spelling lists will be included every fortnight, and Mathematical challenges will be put up for the students to attempt.


School Reception – 9852 3000

Kylie Butcher – Primary contact

Coralie Daw