Years 1/2

Wandjoo – Welcome

We currently have 21 children in our class and our children are very welcoming to new students.

Our class is based on the foundations of The Walker Learning Approach, whereby children learn through investigative play. Each day the children begin their morning completing their spelling, maths and sentence writing tasks. Following this the children have the opportunity to engage in self-directed investigative play with the support of their teacher and educational assistant. The children love this part of the day and it provides a wonderful avenue for children to develop competence and confidence in their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.

The children engage in a structured phonics program (Letters and Sounds), planned numeracy experiences and our Talk for Writing program on a daily basis. They have weekly lessons in Sport, Art, Handwriting, ICT, Dance, Indonesian, Music, Health, HASS and Science. Our weeks are very busy and the children are responding well to the curriculum provided.

Our children are active participants in completing their daily reading and homework and we pride ourselves on partnerships with the families. We are a small community within a larger community and we welcome feedback and parent help.