Welcome to the Ravensthorpe DHS Parents & Citizens' Association (P&C)

The purpose of our amazing P&C is to promote the interests of the school.

To do this, the P&C proactively works to:

  • Encourage parents to participate in developing the school’s educational policy.
  • Develop parent participation and involvement in the school.
  • Act as the forum for parents to discuss issues pertaining to the school and its community and for gathering opinions.
  • Promote and support communication and cooperation within the school community
  • Bring educational matters to the attention of the wider community.
  • Have representation on the School Council and the local District Council of P&C Associations.
  • Provide extra resources for the benefit of our school students.

For further information, please visit WACSSO (Western Australian Council of State School Organisation).

Or visit the P&C Facebook Page to keep updated on the fantastic work that our P&C does.