Kindy and Pre Primary

Dear Parents and Caregivers

This Term we have some new focuses in our learning. Please see below the areas that we will be experiencing during this Term.


In Math for Pre-Primary we are expanding on our knowledge of number and using this understanding to add and subtract numbers. We will be using many different concrete materials and activities to assist the students to achieve in this area. Student that have some difficulty with recognising numbers are encouraged to practice at home to help them succeed in this area. We begin to investigate measurement toward the end of the term, which is hands on and always a lot of fun.

Kindergarten students will be building on their knowledge of numbers to investigate subitising (knowing how many objects are in a small area without having to count), ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd ect) and patterning.


During Literacy this term the Pre-Primaries will be continuing with the InitiaLit program and learning many new characters with our sounds that we are learning. We encourage students to be practicing their sounds at home and a set of sounds covered so far with be sent out to make this possible. Home readers will continue for some and begin for those that are ready to begin.

Kindergarten beginning to learn the SATPIN letters and sounds. This will be done in a hands approach with lots of craft and activities to be done. We will also be experience many books were the students will be able to predict and infer about the stories.


Chemical Science will be investigated this term and is about looking at the materials of objects and what they are made of. We will be sorting objects depending on the materials that they are made of, investigating shelters that both animals and humans use and what materials these are made of, materials that clothing are made of and where they originate.


In HASS we are continuing to look into Geography and the community that we live in. The students are beginning to build a model of our town with some of the important building within our community. This will be fun and engaging for the student to participate in and also informative for some of the students. The students will be also learning how to care for a special place and some areas that the indigenous people may consider a place that they would feel a connection to and consider a special place.