School Leaders

This year we have chosen to elect a number of school leaders who are then streamed into specialised groups – click on each area to learn more.

About the Peer/Wellbeing Team

Peer/Wellbeing The peer/wellbeing role works closely with the pastoral care role and is an opportunity for our young leaders to ...
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About the Health and Fitness Team

Health and Fitness Our health and fitness leaders have a range of responsibilities that will help to promote and encourage ...
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About the Communications Team

Communications Whilst all the student leader areas have a responsibility for communications, this group of leaders have a special focus ...
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About the Sustainability Team

Sustainability This group of leaders could be defined as the future makers of the school.  With a primary vision to ...
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About the Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral Care The student leaders involved in this section have an important role in supporting student well-being.  The primary concerns ...
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