Facilities and Amenities


Our school is modern and very well equipped, with a dedicated Secondary precinct where students have the opportunity to access Science, Manual Arts and Food Economics areas, as well as classrooms for subjects such as Maths and English.

Year 8 students working in the Home Economics Room

There is also a dedicated Centre for the Arts offering visual arts and music.

Primary students also have access to Secondary facilities, providing the opportunity to experience subjects such as Science and Food Technology in greater depth than would normally be available in a Primary School.

Kindegarden and Pre Primary

The Kindergarten children attend five full days per fortnight.

Our Pre Primary program operates five days a week.

The Kindergarten students are encouraged to attend activities that are appropriate for their age group. These may include all day excursions eg: Athletics Carnivals, School visits, and the like. Parents will be informed of these activities when the Term planner is issued.

The Centre for the Arts is also accessed by the Kindergarten and Pre Primary student classes.


The Primary students are housed in a Cluster of five classrooms including an additional area in each room for small group work and focused remedial work with a common wet area in the centre.


The school shares a Swimming Pool with the community, and has a covered assembly area. The school is set in an attractive garden environment. Swimming lessons conducted by Education Department Swimming Teachers are conducted during Term 1 each year. Primary students have access to the school pool for these lessons and no charge is made. Swimming lessons are considered compulsory and parents are requested to provide written notice to the school if their child is unable to participate for any reason. Secondary students also access the Swimming Pool for Physical Education classes.

School swimming carnival


A wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books and reference material is available and the use of the Library is encouraged. Children are made familiar with the borrowing system and in the Lower Primary it is recommended that only one book be borrowed at a time.

The borrowing period is weekly and books must be returned on the due date, even if students wish to renew them for a further loan period.

Due to the high cost of books, careless handling and losses can easily lead to a situation whereby the library stock is steadily reduced instead of increasing each year. Parents can assist the school by checking on the books brought home and ensuring their prompt return in good order. Damaged or lost books will have to be replaced at the parent’s expense.