Sports Liaison Officer

This individual will work closely with the school PE staff as part of a committee for all Interschool Sport Carnivals. They will also be available pre/post sporting events for planning and debriefing as required. They must submit a report to P&C at each General Meeting.

Bus Representatives

The Bus representatives work together to format appropriate school bus routes for the following year and in anticipation of future years.  They are also there to discuss any bus behaviour management. They will take any issues affecting bus routes for resolution at bus meetings, which are held as required.

Canteen Committee

The canteen committee organise rosters for parent help and order food supplies from relevant suppliers.  They will also organise donation of food where relevant.  They submit a report to the P&C at each General Meeting.

Uniform Shop

These members organise uniform orders from suppliers and coordinate a roster of helpers if needed. They keep financial records and liaise with P & C Treasurer. They also attend shop once per week so parents can order uniforms, have phone number available so phone orders can be made, and submit Read More

Executive Committee

This committee is elected at the AGM to manage the affairs and finances of the P & C when a General Meeting is not in session, but is responsible to the General Meeting. The Executive Committee of a P & C of a school of over 100 students consists of Read More


The secretary conducts the correspondence of the organisation, keeping full and correct minutes of the Association’s meetings, maintains a register of all financial and ex-officio members, has custody of all documents of the Association and prepares an agenda for forthcoming meetings.


The Treasurer is responsible for all monies collected for and on behalf of the P & C Association, and should oversee all books of all sub-committees – canteen, uniform shop, Pre-Primary and Kindergarten. These committees must bank their monies in the P & C general account via the Treasurer, but Read More

President and Vice President

The President presides at all General and Executive Committee meetings, and provides leadership. They act as a representative of the association; ensure adequate communication exists between members, and between the organisation and the school. Vice-presidents preside at meetings at which the president is absent.