Current Committee

The following volunteers are to be thanked for their role in our P&C: President – Position Vacant Vice President – Helen Burton Secretary – Rebecca Webster Treasurer – Karen Walker Executive Committee: Deb Daw Laryssa Chaytor Kylie Thomas Annette Caelli Marcia Norrish Fiona Philson (School Principal) Canteen Coordinator – Theresa Read More


The P & C are involved in a number of fundraising activities throughout the school year – stay posted to learn how you can be a part of these activities.


P&C volunteers distribute ‘booklist’ orders to parents immediately prior to the start of Term 1. This is an opportunity to promote the work of the P&C the activities that it undertakes. Please let us know if you are able to assist.

Canteen Helpers List

If you can be a canteen helper, please email to have your name added to the Canteen Volunteer Register. All canteen helpers and their children will receive free lunch orders on their rostered day. If you are unable to fill your day and need to swap with someone please make Read More


The P&C operate the canteen on Thursdays, we employ a Canteen Manager. We aim to provide affordable and healthy choices on our menu. If you, or a Nanna or Pop, can volunteer for one or two days per term this would be greatly appreciated – it is also a great Read More

Sports Liaison Officer

This individual will work closely with the school PE staff as part of a committee for all Interschool Sport Carnivals. They will also be available pre/post sporting events for planning and debriefing as required. They must submit a report to P&C at each General Meeting.

Bus Representatives

The Bus representatives work together to format appropriate school bus routes for the following year and in anticipation of future years.  They are also there to discuss any bus behaviour management. They will take any issues affecting bus routes for resolution at bus meetings, which are held as required.