Buddy Reading a Hit

Every Wednesday the High School and Primary School get together to engage in Buddy Class activities for 15 minutes during the Form period. This is a lovely way to start the day and for the students to get to know Read More

Harmony Day

The whole school recently celebrated World Harmony Day (21st March) by creating a circle of unity on the school oval.  It was a seemingly simple event that really highlighted the diversity of the community within which this school sits and Read More

Current Committee

The following volunteers are to be thanked for their role in our P&C: President – Position Vacant Vice President – Helen Burton Secretary – Rebecca Webster Treasurer – Karen Walker Executive Committee: Deb Daw Laryssa Chaytor Kylie Thomas Annette Caelli Read More

Enrolling your child

As part of the school enrolment process, you need to complete the following forms: Form 1: Enrolment Form Form 2: Internet User Agreement Form 3: Child Visual Image Permission Form 4: Excursion Consent Form Form 5: Photograph and Video Permission Read More

School Enrolment

Friday 21 July is an important date in your child’s education Families need to apply to enrol their children in a public school for 2018 if they are: starting Kindergarten – 4 years old by 30 June 2018 starting Pre-primary Read More