Our School

Ravensthorpe District High School offers students all that one would expect in a larger metropolitan school, yet has that unique friendly atmosphere typical of a small rural community.

Our school strives to ensure all students, regardless of ability or style of learning, are provided with the opportunity to reach their full potential in a positive, supportive and engaging learning environment.

We foster individual student interests, encourage active participation in the learning process, and assist students to develop their ability to apply knowledge and skills to real life experiences and challenges.

Our student body, current enrolment of 130, and the assistance of additional classroom support, in the form of Education Assistants, enables regular one-on-one education and our school data is sure to be evidence of how beneficial this is for our students. Student achievement is at the forefront of our core business. We offer a comprehensive curriculum with a concentrated emphasis on using meaningful learning strategies to engage our students, with the promotion of sustainable environments through our Horticulture program a particular highlight.

Provision of innovative technologies is prioritised with all Secondary students having access to one-to-one technology, in the form of Netbook computers, on a daily basis, and all Primary students also having daily access through a class set of notebooks.

The school values its strong partnerships with the parent and wider community and has an extremely active and supportive Parents and Citizens Association and School Council.

At Ravensthorpe District High School we foster our values through a recognised and respected ethos: TEAM – “Together Everyone Achieves More” as well as our Positive Behaviour Expectations; CAR

  • Care
  • Achieve
  • Respect

At Ravensthorpe District High School our expectations are high and we do not waver from our expectations as this has the potential to compromise the quality of education we provide for your students.