2017 School Leaders Awarded Badges

Assembly last Tuesday (21st March) saw our 20 School leaders awarded their badges in front of the school, parents and the community.  Our new leaders have all attended their leadership conferences and are now ready to take the school in exciting new directions.

The function of the leadership teams this year is a little different with five teams all working to achieve their goals in the following five areas:

Sustainability – working on making our school and community more sustainable

  • Chloe Wisewould, Mitch Jones, Hayden Wilson

Pastoral care – supporting the social, emotional and academic development of students

  • Marissa Jones, Jessica Chaytor, Jessie Bloomfield, Shelby Daw

Health and Fitness – encouraging all members of the school to participate in health and fitness

  • Travis Jones, Manaia Hiku, Jasmine Pages, Cameron Carter

Communications – enhancing communication between the school and wider community

  • Kade Jones, Emma Fairhead, Yasmine Pages, Olivia-May Johnston

Peer/Well being – helping students to express themselves in terms of wellbeing, connectedness and emotional resilience

  • Summer Biggers, Shakira Bratten, Harley Wolfenden, Rylee Woodward

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